I have spent some time working on projects in which these technologies were employed. I consider myself to have “dabbled” in these areas. I am familiar with these technologies, but still find myself on the steep part of the learning curve.


I have spent a significant amount of time developing the skills and working with the technologies in this category. Many of these are used peripherally in most projects that I work on, but are not the focus of the project. Linux server administration and maintenance is an example of this. Other items in this list[…]


I have spent the majority of my time developing the skills and working with the technologies in this category.  I have completed numerous projects involving these skills or technologies.


I have more than a decade of GIS analysis and development experience and was previously certified as a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP). I have a Masters Degree in Environmental Monitoring, which is an intersection of GIS, remote sensing (primarily satellite and aerial imagery), and image analysis. Nearly every field has a geographic component that can[…]


Sometimes a technical project is large enough or has a tight enough deadline that it requires a team of developers to successfully complete. Development teams often come with a project team manager, but it is often the case that an experienced technical manager is needed to manage the project from the client’s side. Many companies[…]

Support and Maintenance

I provide support and maintenance services that include training, general technical support and guidance, website content administration, SEO and marketing related activities, and software and server updates and maintenance. I build solutions that are user friendly and empower my clients to grow and edit their website without the intervention of a developer. To help facilitate[…]

Web Development

Successful web development projects all have a few things in common: effective communication for the project duration, the skill to meet the demands of the project, and a solid technical management process that includes meticulous quality control.  Each project I undertake is supported by these three qualities. I am available to work independently or as[…]