Sometimes a technical project is large enough or has a tight enough deadline that it requires a team of developers to successfully complete. Development teams often come with a project team manager, but it is often the case that an experienced technical manager is needed to manage the project from the client’s side. Many companies may not regularly engage in large technical projects and do not have a need for an in-house technical expert to lead such efforts.

I provide technical project management, which typically includes elements of the development cycle discussed in detail under the Web Development section. Specifically, as a technical manager or lead, I can be an advocate for my client by overseeing or conducting the discovery, technical requirement, and testing phases. I can also conduct architecture and code reviews during the development phase to ensure that the invisible pieces of the project are clean, well-documented for the next developers, and extensible.

I have managed both projects that are just getting started and don’t yet have a development team and others that are well underway. Typically, if the project is well underway, I am being brought in to correct a sinking ship. This is commonplace for companies without in-house technical expertise that need to hire an external development team. There is, rightfully, every expectation that the development team will provide the product that the company needs. But this often doesn’t happen when effective communication, adequate skill to complete the project, or project oversight and quality control are absent or insufficient.

As a technical project lead, I can help to guide the project in the right direction by ensuring continuous and responsive communication, identifying any gaps in development skills or expertise, and providing oversight and quality control.

If you’d like to learn more about how I may be able to help, please contact me.