My name is Jennifer Zeisloft. I have been developing websites and web applications for nearly two decades. I have worked as part of a development team, as a project director, and as an independent entity who wears the many hats all at once.

The idea behind Intertidalist is that the services I offer exist in the “intertidal zone” where business and technology meet. I help clients navigate the currents of technology to enhance the landscape of business innovation. Sea and land, geek and user, tech and business, development and management.

I came naturally to this metaphorical intertidal zone by way of my education and experience. Upon receiving an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, I spent a few years working in the field as an archaeologist, where I learned to love surveying and mapping. This led me to dive into the world of cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). After earning a graduate GIS certificate, I completed a Masters Degree in Environmental Monitoring, which was an intersection of GIS, remote sensing (primarily satellite and aerial imagery), and image analysis.

I first ventured into web development by building mapping applications that explored tourism, coastal management, and invasive species in the Great Lakes region. I soon discovered that GIS became a much more powerful tool when coupled with the development of custom applications and I shifted my focus toward GIS application development.

I enjoyed the challenge of learning to program and sought to expand my skill set. I became a full time web developer to hone additional skills outside the realm of GIS, eventually adding some moonlighting contract work, and finally becoming a full-time independent web application development contractor in 2013.

I’ve been fortunate to work on a great variety of web development projects in diverse fields, including healthcare, aesthetics, citizen science, education, estuary science, transportation, environmental monitoring and remediation, the meetings industry, advertising, banking, agriculture, hydrology, emergency management, recreation, and retail.

Like lifting a rock in a tide pool, each new project reveals something new and unexpected. I relish both the joy of discovery and the opportunity to seamlessly integrate that experience into my existing expertise. This constant enrichment not only deepens my understanding but also ensures that your next project benefits from a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective, contributing to its success in unique and meaningful ways.

If you’d like to learn more about me, please check out my CV or LinkedIn profile, or contact me with any questions or ideas you may have.